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Microsoft announced Wednesday that the Xbox Series X will release Nov. 10 and cost $499, with preorders beginning Sept. 22.

The Series X, along with the smaller Series S, which Microsoft revealed Tuesday, will mark the beginning of the next generation of console gaming. The Series X is the first new mainline console for Microsoft since the Xbox One, which was released in November 2013 and also had a price point of $499.

The news come after the company revealed the Xbox Series S, an all-digital, less feature-heavy version of the next-generation console, which will sell for $299 at launch. The Series S will also be available for preorder on Sept. 22.

Microsoft also confirmed that Xbox All Access, a financing program for the system that gives users a console and digital game subscription, will move forward with the new consoles. All Access will provide a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, which gives buyers access to more than 100 titles, and be expanded to serve 12 countries. The service will be available for $24.99 a month for 24 months for the Xbox Series S and $34.99 a month for 24 months for the Xbox Series X.

With Microsoft dropping its console release date, Sony will likely not be far behind in revealing the PlayStation 5 specifics. Sony has yet to announce a cost or exact release date for its PlayStation 5 other than the holiday 2020 time frame.

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