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With the next-gen of consoles looming closer by the day, players would have assumed that both Microsoft and Sony might slowly be moving away from innovation on current-gen consoles: the Xbox One and the PS4.

  • The new and overhauled Xbox App on Android devices will allow players to stream Xbox One games on their mobile devices.
  • The Xbox App will also be able to perform a number of functions for the Xbox Series X/S.

However, Microsoft, not one to rest on their laurels, will be introducing an overhauled Xbox App for Android devices that supports features such as the previously known “Console Stream”.

Essentially, the “Console Stream” lets users stream Xbox One games downloaded on the console to Android devices and play using mobile phones.

So far, the Xbox App with updated features will be arriving on Android platforms, with no official confirmation for iOS devices.

New Xbox App comes loaded with brand-new features

The Xbox App on Android devices sees a complete overhaul in order to fully adapt to the dashboard changes on the Xbox One and its variations. This is in preparation for the launch of the next-gen consoles, and Microsoft looks to kit the app out with extremely useful features.

The Xbox App is intended to help set up the new Xbox Series X/S in a much more efficient way. Using the app, players will be able to manage their Library, free up storage space and can simply be used as a remote control for the console.

While Microsoft could have easily restricted the app’s functionality to just the Xbox Series X, their decision to include Xbox One and its variations is proving popular within the gaming community.

The Xbox One, despite a somewhat rocky run, is still a decent console, with the Xbox One X being the most powerful console of its generation in terms of hardware.

The current-gen of consoles might not have been one that Microsoft will look back on fondly but they are already looking more competitive for the next generation of consoles.

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