• Dates: May 28, 2020 - August 15, 2020
  • Game: Fifa 20
  • Organizer: GHME & BMW
  • Type: Online
  • Total Prize pool: $2,500

Tournament information


May 28 – August 15


1v1 – Online


Friendly Match


  • Format: 1v1
  • Date: May 28 – August 15
  • TOTAL PRIZE POOL: $2,500
    • 1st place – $1,250
    • 2nd place – $750
    • 3rd place – $500
  • Settings: Standard settings
  • Match durance: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
  • Game speed: Normal
  • Level: Legendary
    • All matches should be played by a ´Friendly Match´
    • All matches have to be played with the online squads.
    • Only tactical defense is allowed.
    • All international teams and Clubs are allowed.

Registration for this tournament is now closed.

The official language of this section is English.
Gamers Hub Middle East Game Admins has the right to decide outside or even against the rulebook in special cases to guarantee fairplay.

All registering teams must complete the registration form.
Gamers Hub Middle East reserves the right to refuse any team registration if their registration is incomplete.

Disclaimer: Tournament dates are subject to change and registered participants will receive the calendar (schedule) via email / social media handles

NOTICE: Prizes will be distributed within 45 – 60 days after the end of the tournament.

1. General


The tournament is open for ages of 12+. Players who are younger than 21 years require their parental consent to register for the tournament. Participating countries for Battle of the Gamers – FIFA 20 online tournament:

      • Lebanon
      • Jordan
      • Kuwait
      • Ksa
      • Bahrain
      • Qatar
      • UAE
      • Oman
      • Iraq
    • Players may be requested to provide photo ID proof. Players without valid ID proof will be disqualified and will forfeit any prize winnings
    • The winning player will be required to come on the Live stream for a video interview on camera.


    • Every player is responsible for his own connection and has to have a good internet connection to avoid possible ‘lag’.
      • Any hardware or software issues from any players must be fixed before the start of the match. Any lag or connection issues will not be entertained by the tournament admins.
      • Complaining about losing a game incorrectly after a match can not be taken into account in the final outcome of a match. If there are reasons to suspect that your opponent is not playing by the rules or serious lag occurs for a long time, report this to the admin before your opponent has taken advantage of the problem. ( The beginning of the game.)
      • If one of the Players disconnects in the middle of the match, they will be disqualified and the other will win the match automatically.
        • The player that did not disconnect must send a picture showing which player disconnected.

2. Tournament Guidelines

  • Each player must register in the tournament registration page.
    • Any players who plays in the tournament but is not registered will not be entertained.
  • All participants must be ready 15 minutes before the start of the match. Tournament admins will not wait for anyone and will start according to schedule.
    • The game schedule and the times when the games have to be played will be published on Gamers Hub Middle East social media and on the tournament page.
  • The player who plays ‘ home ‘ is responsible for starting a match.
  • Both opponents are responsible for contacting each other and playing the game.
  • If both players are ready and started the game it is not allowed to hold extra breaks that are not allowed in game.
  • Each team is required to take at least one photo of the score. This photo should contain: the score, the names, the timestamp and location.
  • Some matches will require the game to be recorded and sent to th admin.
  • When your next match is available in the schedule, you have to start directly. If the match doesn’t start in 15 minutes, the player who doesn’t show up in time will be disqualified.
  • OTHERS: Finalists will be required to appear on the Livestream through videocall. Details provided on the registration will be used to contact the team/player.

3. Rules


    • Settings: Standard settings
    • Match durance: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
    • Game speed: Normal


    • All matches should be played by a ´Friendly Match´
    • All matches have to be played with the online squads.
    • Only tactical defense is allowed.
    • All international teams and Clubs are allowed.
    • It’s forbidden to use custom formations, only the standard formations are allowed to use. (So don´t use the square button to change the position of players)
      • (When your opponent has a custom formation, make a screenshot and send it in the chat to the Admin. Your opponent gets a warning, and you will play a rematch. When a player plays with a custom formation for the second time, he/she will be disqualified. If you do not report the opponents actions, the match will be counted)
    • When the EA servers are going down during a match, and all the participants of the tournament are getting kicked out of the match, the specific match of that round will be played again.
    • When 2 players can´t connect in a private match, they won´t receive any game points. If there is a possibility, the players can play the match after the group stage. The Gamers Hub Admin will decide if there is time enough for the replay.
    • When the connection is lost, the match will be resumed at the remaining time and the current score.
    • If the match ends as a draw, the players will continue the match overtime in the golden goal mode
      • If the time is over and both players have the same score, the match will be played again

4. Reporting scores

  • Both players must submit a picture of the match result to the admin on discord after finishing the game.
  • The total score of a match must be reported by both players.
  • Both players need to report the scores within five minutes after the end of the match.
  • When the score of the players does not match, the players are supposed to upload a screenshot of the score within 10 minutes. The decision about what score is awarded ultimately rests with the Gamers Hub Admin. We take a conflict seriously and want to provide the best experience for all of our players.
  • If someone deliberately passes the wrong score, the player in question immediately gets excluded from all online tournaments of Gamers Hub.
  • If both players do not report the score, the Gamers Hub Admin determines the outcome of the match.
  • When only one of the two participants reports the score (or when proof of the score is necessary), that player will be designated as the winner of the contest.
  • When both players report no score (or when needed proof of the score) to the Admin, both players will be disqualified.
  • When there is no Admin present at a match conflict in one of the mini-cups, the solution to the conflict between two participants will be postponed until another Admin will be online.



    • Both players should be ready in lobby before the game start


    • If the admin says the game should be remade, the game will be remade. All players must choose the same Team/Club again when a remake occurs.


6.1 BUG

    • Exploiting known or newly discovered bugs during the game will result in a disqualification of the exploiting player.



    • Players / Teams are allowed to stream their games provided there is a 3 minute delay.


    • Game updates may occur during the tournament. In such cases, matches will be on hold until updates finishes.



The official language of this section is English. 

Gamers Hub Middle Game Admins has the right to decide outside or even against the rulebook in special cases to guarantee fairplay.


Every participant has to behave with respect towards any and every GHME staff, partners, viewers and other players. Participants are requested to represent esports, and the tournament honorably. This applies to in-game behavior, chats, comments and other form of media communication. Players must also conduct themselves according to the following values:

    • Compassion: treat others as you would be treated.
    • Integrity: be honest, be committed, play fair.
    • Respect: show respect all other humans, including teammates, competitors, and event staff.
    • Courage: be courageous in competition and in standing up for what is right.

Participants must NOT engage in harassment or hate speech in any form. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Hate speech, offensive behavior, or verbal abuse related to sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, or religion.
    • Stalking or intimidation (physically or online).
    • Spamming, raiding, hijacking, or inciting disruption of streams or social media.
    • Posting or threatening to post other people’s personally identifying information (“doxing”).
    • Unwelcome sexual attention. This includes, unwelcome sexualized comments, jokes, and sexual advances.
    • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior.

Violation of this Code of Conduct will result in players and even teams to receive warnings. In the case of repeat or extreme violations, penalties may include disqualification, or banning from future Gamers Hub Middle East events.


All insults that happen during a Gamers Hub Middle East matches, may be punished. This includes in-game chat of the corresponding game, any and all of GHME’s social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and offline events. Multiple warnings and online user ban may be given out depending on the incident and frequency of the insult.

Penalties are no longer limited to warnings and barrages, but may also contain the following depending on the incident, location and frequency of the insult:

Severe incidents including, but not limited to the following points, may be punished in other ways:

        • Extremist statements
        • Threat of violence
        • Sexual harassment
        • Stalking
        • Severe insults
        • Pornographic linkings

The excessive posting of futile, annoying or offensive contributions within Gamers Hub Middle East online and offline platform is considered as spamming. Spamming on the website, discord and other GHME known means of communication (social media comment sections, match comments, player comments, support pages, etc) will be penalized / given warnings, muted and banned.


Games will be facilitated by a GHME staff / game admin. Matches that are not played with a GHME admin will be considered fake matches and will result in disqualification.

Players are not allowed to bet on matches in this tournament, especially betting against themselves. This will result in the player and the team being banned from the tournament.

In case of any dispute regarding any issue, the final decision will be made by the admin. Game Admin has the power to refute any rule depending on the situation at hand.

Any and all forms of cheating are strictly forbidden. Any attempt to do so is direct disqualification with player / team ban.


Any programs which are not part of the original game, including custom-data and modifications, are not allowed in any tournament. All external voice programs such as Teamspeak, Discord etc, are allowed. Programs that provide an advantage during game play are not permitted. Over all, any programs that change the way the game and the playing field are forbidden.



All participants are obligated to remain sportsmanlike. GHME Admins has the rights to disqualify a team that has been seen to be unsportsmanlike.


All participants are obligated to remain sportsmanlike. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated.


Participants are allowed to stream provided that the stream has a 3 minute delay added to the settings.


4.1 player NAMES
    • A player name must be unique. Any use of profanity and unnecessary slander, Gamers Hub Middle East reserves the right to refuse the team’s registration.
    • A team can change their team name only twice throughout the duration of this tournament. Any more than two, tournament admin will decide.
4.2 IN-GAME 
    • A team can change their team name only twice throughout the duration of this tournament. Any more than two, tournament admin will decide.
    • All information including contact information will be shared with BMW and its partners.
    • All participants who registers agree to receive BMW communication and newsletter.
    • All information including contact information will be shared with Gamers Hub Middle East and its partners.
    • All participants who registers agree to receive Gamers Hub Middle East communication and newsletter.

How to record your gameplay
كيفية تسجيل المباراة كاملة

Players must record their match and send to their admins
يجب على اللاعبين تسجيل مباراتهم وإرسالها الى المشرفين (الأدمنز)

The player has two options
لدى اللاعب خياران

Option 1: Record the game and send to the admin
الخيار الاول: تسجيل المباراة وإرسالها الى المشرف (الأدمن)
Option 2: Live stream your game through PS4
الخيار الثاني: البث المباشر للمباراة من خلال البي اس ٤ 

This is the guide to show you how to do both the methods
هذا دليل يوضح لك كيفية تنفيذ كلتا الطريقتين

Option 1: Record the game
الخيار ١: تسجيل المباراة

Step 1:
الخطوة ١:

Set up your recording length
قم بإعداد مدى الفيديو في التسجيل الخاص بك

Go to Settings -> Sharing and Broadcasts -> Video Clip Settings -> Length of Video Clip
إذهب الى الإعدادات -> المشاركة وعمليات البث -> إعدادات مقطع الفيديو -> طول مقطع الفيديوSet the length 30 minutes
اضبط المدة إلى ٣٠ دقيقة

Step 2:
الخطوة ٢:
Record your game After your Game Finishes
سجل المباراة بعد انتهاء اللعبة

Click the share button or hold it (This depends on your share button setting)
انقر فوق زر المشاركة او اضغط عليه (هذا يعتمد على إعداد زر المشاركة)
Press the Square button to save the video clip.
اضغط على زر المربع لحفظ مقطع الفيديو

Step 3:
الخطوة ٣:
Connect a USB to your PS4
قم بتوصيل يو اس بي الى البي اس ٤

Step 4:
الخطوة ٤:

On your PS4, go to the ‘Capture gallery’ and then select FIFA20. And copy the video to USB storage.
في جهاز البي اس ٤، اتّجه الى “معرض الصور” ثم حدد فيفا٢٠ وانسخ الفيديو الى وحدة تخزين اليو اس بي

Step 6:
الخطوة ٦:

After copying the video to USB, connect the USB to your PC or Laptop.
بعد نسخ الفيديو على اليو اس بي، قم بتوصيله الى جهاز الكمبيوتر الشخصي أو اللابتوب الخاص بك

Step 7:
الخطوة ٧:

On your browser go to https://wetransfer.com/
على متصفّحك اذهب الى https://wetransfer.com/

Select ‘Add your Files’ and upload your video
حدد “إضافة ملفاتك” وقم برفع الفيديو الخاص بك

Step 8:
الخطوة ٨:
After uploading, add the admin’s email address and send the file. (Admin will provide you the email address)
بعد رفع الفيديو، أضف عنوان البريد الإلكتروني للمشرف وأرسل الملف. (سيوفر لك المشرف عنوان البريد الإلكتروني)

Option 2: Stream your game
الخيار ٢: البث المباشر للمباراة

Step 1:
الخطوة ١:

Before you start the game, press the share button or hold it (As per your share setting) and select ‘Broadcast’.
قبل ان تبدأ اللعبة، انقر فوق زر المشاركة أو اضغط عليه (وفقاً لإعداد المشاركة) واختر “بث”

Step 2:
الخطوة ٢:

After selecting ‘Broadcast gameplay’ select youtube. Sign in to any of your gmail account to link a youtube account
بعد اختيار “بث اللعبة” ، حدد youtube. سجّل الدخول إلى أي من حساباتك على Gmail لربط حساب youtube

Step 3
الخطوة ٣

After connecting to Youtube you just need to set up the stream details
بعد التسجيل الى Youtube ، ما عليك سوى إعداد تفاصيل البث

  • Make sure to uncheck ‘Display message to Spectators and Spectators’ Comments’
    تأكد من إلغاء تحديد “عرض الرسائل على المشاهدين وعرض تعليقات المشاهدين”
  • Set title as per what the admin tells you to
    قم بتعيين العنوان وفق ما سيخبرك به المشرف
  • Set Privacy to Public
    قم بتعيين الخصوصية إلى عام

Step 4:
الخطوة ٤:

Start Broadcasting
ابدأ البث

Step 5:
الخطوة ٥:

Go to youtube on your browser or phone and get the live video. Send the live video link to the admin
انتقل إلى youtube على متصفحك أو هاتفك واحصل على رابط الفيديو المباشر. إرسل رابط الفيديو المباشر إلى المشرف

After your game is done, end the broadcast
قم بإنهاء البث بعد انتهاء المباراة

You can find your streamed video after the stream on your live video dashboard on youtube
يمكنك العثور على الفيديو الذي تم بثه بعد الإنتهاء من البث على لوحة بيانات الفيديو المباشر الخاصة بك على youtube

This is how you can find your video
هكذا يمكنك العثور على الفيديو الخاص بك

Step 1:
الخطوة ١:

After logging in, select “Youtube Studio”
بعد تسجيل الدخول، قم بإختيار “Youtube استوديو”

Step 2:
الخطوة ٢

You will go to your live dashboard. Select ‘video’ and then ‘live’ and then select the video that you streamed
اذهب الى لوحة البيانات الخاصة بك. اختر “فيديو” ثم “بث محتوى مباشر” ثم اختر الفيديو الذي قمت ببثّه

Step 3:
الخطوة ٣
After selecting your video, you will find the link on the page. You can copy the link and send it to your admin.
بعد اختيار الفيديو الخاص بك، ستجد الرابط على الصفحة. يمكنك نسخ الرابط وإرساله إلى المشرف (الأدمن)

I’m lost and don’t understand anything!

Simple steps

– Make sure that you registered for the tournament once registration opens up, because those who registered late may not be able to play.
– Go to our channel in Discord.
– Write down your PSN and the word READY
– Go to #fifa_announcements channel to find your name in the table
– When you find your name in the table, contact your Admin whose name you will find on the left side of your name in the table, keep in mind that he may contact you beforehand, and add you to his own channel as each admin has his own channel in Discord.
– You’ll find the name of your opponent in the table as well as their in-game PSN name, add him half an hour before the start of the match
– Start your first match at 4:00pm or 4:15pm at max.
– Once it’s done, take a screenshot of the result and give it to your admin.
– Some matches require video recording, make sure you have enough space to record the whole match seen as you could get disqualified from the tournament if the recorded video was incomplete and unclear.
– You can watch the tournament live and be one of the players whose match gets streamed on our Facebook and Twitch channels. Ask the admin about our giveaways as you watch the stream as well.

General Questions

1st question: I didn’t see my match in the table, what’s my situation in the tournament?

The table gets updated at regular times in the #fifa-announcements channel, so make sure to follow it on Discord. When the time for your match approaches, you will be contacted by the organizers via email, your phone number’s whatsapp or you’ll be informed on Discord. It’s important that you quickly add your PSN in our Discord so we can find you quickly!

2nd question: Is the tournament Ultimate teams or Regular teams and can I play with National teams?

Answer: Yes, the tournament is regular teams and you can play with national teams. You can’t play with Ultimate teams.

3rd question: When will my match be and how do I know my opponent?

The organizers will tell you about the time of the match and the opponent when they contact you before the match, or you can check it in the table posted in #fifa-announcements.

4th question: What are the prizes of the tournament?

Prizepool of the tournament is 2,500$
– First place: 1,250$
– Second place: 750$
– Third place: 500$

5th question: How long is the tournament?

The duration of the tournament is approximately 2 months, sporadically.

6th question: what is the tournament’s system?

The first phase of the tournament will be qualification, and the loser will be out from one match. We will announce the rest of the phases soon.

7th question: where do I put my ID in Discord?

In the Fifa Chatroom as follows: psn – kf43r – and ready.

8th question: I finished the registration and didn’t receive any confirmation e-mail?

You don’t need to wait for a confirmation e-mail. If you registered on the website, please be on Discord and wait for the announcement of your upcoming match from the organizers or check the table in #fifa-announcements channel.

9th question: are all those who registered will play in the tournament?

Sadly we can’t as the number of players who registered is huge, but we promise that we’ll send you an e-mail for any upcoming tournament from us.

10th question: I added the other player and he didn’t accept, what’s the solution?

When the admin contacts you and asks you to add the other player, you add him and wait 15 minutes, if the other did not accept the add request then take a screenshot showing your request with no acceptance from the opponent within 15 minutes, and send it to your admin. (Note: Players can add each other before the day of the match but they can’t play before the date of the match. The players will be disqualified if they play before their match time).

11th question: how do I know the name of my admin?

Each admin will have their name beside yours and your opponent’s on the table, and each admin has a private channel that you have to be on and talk with him. You are not allowed to spam General chat or you’ll be disqualified from the tournament. If you have any questions, go to the Admin or the Hot Line channel.

12th question: I won against my opponent, will I have any more matches on the same day?

Each player has 3 matches on the same day, the loser will leave in each match. If the player wins all 3 matches then he’ll be qualified for the finals. A player is not allowed to be late for his other matches, and if late he will be disqualified. The matches are usually at 4:00pm for the first round – 5:00pm for the second round – 6:00pm for the third round in Saudi Arabia time. You can know your country’s time via google. In some cases, the match might get delayed if your admin tells you so.

13th question: I won against my opponent, what do I need to do now?

Take a screenshot of the result, and in case the player leaves before you can take a shot; you can take a shot of it via the game’s history, and take a shot of his leave as well. Send all of these to your admin at maximum half an hour from your match’s time. If late, you’ll be disqualified. Example: Your match is 4:00pm, you must send the screenshots by 4:35pm at max, and sending the results after that time might get you disqualified from the tournament.

14th question: I don’t know how to record the match, what do I do?

There is an illustrated guide which explains in full detail what you need to do. Ask your admin or the admins at Hot Line channel for it.

15th question: I won my 2nd match and the admin asked me to upload my video file before the start of my 3rd match, what’s the maximum waiting time?

All round three matches must be recorded and the winner must send it to the admin. The winner won’t be qualified before sending the video and checking its validity first, the player must upload the file within 90 minutes at most.

Note: you must adjust the settings of your ps4 to have a recording duration of at least 30 minutes

أنا ضائع لا أفهم شيء! 

بخطوات بسيطة

– تأكد أنك قمت بالتسجيل بالبطولة في الأوقات الأولى من فتح باب التسجيل لأن المتأخرين في التسجيل قد لا يلعبون.

– اذهب إلى قناتنا في الديسكورد..

– ضع الـ psn  وكلمة ready .

– اذهب لمعرفة اسمك في الجدول المنشور في قناة #fifa_annoucements

– عند ايجاد اسمك في الجدول تواصل مع الادمن الخاص بك وستجد اسمه في الجهة اليسرى من اسمك في الجدول, مع العلم أنه قد يتواصل معك قبلاً, ويضيفك بقناته الخاصة حيث أن كل أدمن له قناة خاصة به في الديسكورد.

– في الجدول ستجد اسم منافسك واسم الـ psn الخاص به في اللعبة, قم بإضافته قبل بدء المباراة بنصف ساعة..

– ابدء مباراتك الأولى الخاصة بكما في الساعة الرابعة بحد أقصى الساعة الرابعة والربع.

– عند الانتهاء صور النتيجة واعطها للأدمن الخاص بك.

– بعض المباريات تحتاج إلى تصوير فيديو تأكد من وجود مساحة كافية لتسجيل كامل المباراة حيث إذا طلب منك وتم إعطائها بشكل غير مكتمل وواضح قد تخرج من البطولة.

– بإمكانك متابعة البث الخاص بالبطولة وتكون أحد الذين تم بث مباراتهم عن طريق قناتنا في الفيس بوك والتويتش. اسأل الأدمن أيضاً عن الجوائز المقدمة أثناء حضورك للبث.

 أسئلة عامة

السؤال الأول : انا ما شفت المباراة الخاصة بي في الجدول ؟, ما هي حالتي في البطولة؟

يتم تحديث الجداول كل فترة زمنية في الروم #fifa-announcements لذا قم بمتابعته على الديسكورد, عند اقتراب موعد مباراتك في البطولة سيتم التواصل معك عن طريق المنظمين على الايميل أو رقمك على الواتس, أو تبليغك في الديسكورد, من المهم جداً أن تقوم بوضع الـ psn  الخاص بك عند وجودك في الديسكورد, لنتمكن من إيجادك بسرعة!


السؤال الثاني : هل البطولة التمت تيم ولا فرق عادية وهل يمكنني اللعب بالمنتخبات؟

الجواب : البطولة فرق عادية ونعم يمكنك اللعب بالمنتخبات, ولا يمكنك اللعب بفرق الالتيمت.

السؤال الثالث : متى ستكون موعد مباراتي وكيف اعرف الخصم الخاص بي؟

الموعد الخاص بالمباريات والخصم سيتم إبلاغه عن طريق المنظمين عند التواصل معك قبل المباراة, أو عن طريق الجدول المنشور في #fifa-announcements.

السؤال الرابع : كم جوائز البطولة؟

مجموع جوائز البطولة 2500 دولار

المركز الأول: 1250 دولار
المركز الثاني: 750 دولار
المركز الثالث: 500 دولار


السؤال الخامس : كم مدة البطولة ؟

مدة البطولة شهرين تقريبا بفترات متفرقة.


السؤال السادس : ما هو نظام البطولة؟

نظام المرحلة الأولى من البطولة هي تصفيات وسوف تكون خروج المغلوب من مباراة واحدة, سوف نعلن عن المعلومات الخاصة بالمراحل الأخرى قريبا.


 السؤال السابع : أين أضع الايدي حقي في الديسكورد؟

في غرفة الشات ( Fifa Chatroom ) على النحو التالي: psn- kf43r – and ready


السؤال الثامن : قمت بانهاء عملية التسجيل ولم يصلني ايميل بتأكيد تسجيلي؟

لا تحتاج ان تنتظر ايميل بالتأكيد، اذا سجلت في الموقع, فضلا تواجد في الديسكورد وانتظر الإعلان عن موعد مباراتك القادمة من قبل المنظمين أو غرفة الجدول #fifa-announcements . 


السؤال التاسع: هل جميع المسجلين سيلعبون في البطولة؟

للأسف لا نستطيع لأن كمية اللاعبين المسجلين كبيرة جداً, ولكن نعدكم أننا سنقوم بإرسال إيميل لكم في أي بطولة قادمة لنا. 


السؤال العاشر : قمت باضافة اللاعب الاخر ولم يقبل، ماهو الحل؟

عندما يتواصل معك الأدمن ويخبرك باضافة اللاعب الأخر، تقوم باضافته وتنتظر 15 دقيقة إذا لم يقبل الشخص الأخر الإضافة خذ صورة للشاشة توضح فيها طلبك للإضافة خلال 15 دقيقة وعدم القبول من قبل اللاعب المنافس, وقم بتسليمها للأدمن الخاص بك. (ملاحظة بإمكان اللاعبين إضافة بعضهم قبل يوم المباراة ولكن لا يسمح لهم باللعب قبل موعد المباراة, وفي حال اللعب قبل موعد المباراة سيتم استبعاد اللاعبين).

السؤال الحادي عشر: كيف أعرف اسم الآدمن المسؤول عني؟

كل أدمن سيكون اسمه موجود بجوار اسمك واسم المنافس لك في الجدول, ولكل أدمن غرفة خاصة به عليك التواجد والتحدث معه فيها, لا يسمح بالتحدث في العام سبام أو سيتم استبعادك من البطولة, في حال وجود استفسار توجه للأدمن أو غرفة الهوت لاين.


السؤال الثاني عشر: فزت على خصمي هل هناك مباريات أخرى لي في نفس اليوم؟

كل لاعب لديه في اليوم الواحد ثلاثة مباريات, في كل دور مباراة وهي خروج مغلوب, في حال فاز بها الثلاثة سيتأهل للعب بالتصفيات النهائية, لا يسمح للاعب التأخر عن مبارياته الأخرى, وفي حال التأخر سيتم استبعاده وتكون المباريات عادة الساعة الرابعة الدور الأول – الساعة الخامسة  الدور الثاني – الساعة السادسة الدور الثالث بتوقيت السعودية, بإمكانك معرفة توقيت بلدك عن طريق قوقل, في حالات معينة قد يتم تأخير المباراة إذا أراد الأدمن المسؤول عنك ذلك. 


السؤال الثالث عشر: فزت على خصمي ماذا عليا فعله؟

تصوير نتيجة المباراة وفي حال خرج اللاعب قبل تصويرك النتيجة يمكنك تصويرها عن  طريق الهيستوري للعبة, وقم بتصوير خروجه أيضاً, أرفق جميع ما سبق للأدمن الخاص بك على أن تكون بحد أقصى بعد نصف ساعة من موعد مباراتك وفي حال التأخير سيتم استبعادك. مثال: مباراتك الساعة 4 مساءاً لابد من إرفاق الصور الساعة 4:35 دقيقة كحد أقصى, وارسال النتائج بعد ذلك الوقت قد تقوم بإخراجك من البطولة.


السؤال الرابع عشر: لا أعرف كيف أقوم بتسجيل المباراة ماذا أفعل؟

يوجد ملف مصور يشرح لك الطريقة بالتفصيل اسأل الآدمن في قناة الهوت لاين أو الآدمن الخاص بك.


السؤال الخامس عشر: فزت في مبارتي الثانية وطلب مني الادمن أن أقوم برفع ملف الفيديو قبل بدء مباراتي الثالثة, ماهو الحد الأعلى للانتظار؟

جميع مباريات الدور الثالث لابد أن تكون مسجلة وعلى الفائز إرسالها للأدمن ولن يتم تأهيل الفائز إلا بعد إرسال الفيديو والتأكد من صحته, وعلى اللاعب تحميل الملف في مدة أقصاها 90 دقيقة.
ملاحظة “لابد من إعدادات الجهاز أن تكون مدة التصوير بحد أدنى نصف ساعة”