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Season 1 has ended and with that comes with many stories to tell, from the many victories, cheers and teamplays to defeats and crushing blows – season 1 has definitely left a mark.

So here’s a summary of went down in Season 1:

Across 3 countries: UAE, KSA, and EGY and 9 weeks of weekend tournaments, joined by over 124 teams and 1,034 players, the League of Legends MENA Championship Season 1 gave recognition to amazing teams and supportive cafes across the three countries.

UAE’s Champion: Team Mystic
Their skills and teamwork proved to be strongest throughout the finals against the top 8 teams in UAE.
Accumulating 15 total wins, 4 loses and 1 draw throughout Group Stage 1 and 2, Team Mystic has also showcased some of the best plays and insane in-game statistics in champion kills and farm.

Special mention to teams: Psynix, and Jamica

KSA’s Champion: Team Redemption eSports
After placing 4th in Group Stage 1, Team Redemption eSports made sure top 1 will be theirs – and that’s exactly what happened
Accumulating 22 wins and 3 loses, Team RDT proved to be the best of the best. When it comes to winning, Team RDT makes sure of it while showcasing sportsmanship and love for the game.

Special mention to teams: Oshtekkwarriors, and EPICA

EGY’s Champion: Team تماسيح بلدنا 1
Out of the 49 teams that played in Egypt, Team تماسيح بلدنا 1 rose up and took the top.
Accumulating over 7 wins and 3 loses throughout Season 1, Team BBB managed to outwit everybody in the tournament. Performance once, it was all fun and games for these guys.

Special mention to teams: Anubis_gaming and Bad Intentions

As one season ends, another begins – a chance to claim victory; put skills, teamwork and gaming into action and so i say to all GGWP (Good game, well played) to all teams that participated in Season 1.

Season 2 will start in a couple of months, so what are you waiting for? Set your team, practice and we’ll see you in the Rift.

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–Edzel P. / xturtle3

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