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League Of Legends

Riot is celebrating this milestone with special events and a live stream.

This year, League of Legends celebrates its 10th year anniversary and Riot has announced that there will be events and streams for the celebration.

The game was officially release on October 27, 2009. And ever since, the game has release over dozens of champions and reworks for Ryze.

Riot will celebrate the success of the game with an event on Oct. 15 featuring events, live streams and future plans for the game. During the event, the creators will go back to their favorite moments in LoL history, along with a revelation of the big changes in the game. One of the biggest reveals is a fresh, new official logo:

One of the game’s biggest accomplishments is its massive number of players, even after 10 years. The game sees a worldwide peak of eight million concurrent players on a daily basis, taking the data from Riot, Tencent, and Garena. Riot believes that this puts the game at the top among Pc games.

However along with their accomplishments, Riot will host a special edition of “Riot Pls,” a popular segment in which the company openly memes itself with responses to common player complaints.

Justin Hulog, General Manager of Riot Games Southeast Asia said:

“This special edition of Riot Pls will showcase our appreciation and commitment to players, we hope each of them will join us to celebrate all of the victories and unforgettable moments that we’ve shared!”

As League’s anniversary and Worlds 2019 come closer, it looks to be a busy month for Riot.

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