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Among Us promises its next ‘big update’ is on the way with a few features, including larger lobby sizes and additional colors to choose from.

After exploding in popularity amid lockdowns due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic last year, Among Us has begun expanding its scope. The 2018 social deduction game became such a smash hit thanks to popular Twitch streamers and word-of-mouth publicity that developer Innersloth scrapped its plans to make Among Us 2 so it could instead build upon the original. Some of that work culminated in the release of a new Airship map last month, but more is apparently on the way.

The Airship map, based on Innersloth’s prior Henry Stickmin point-and-click series, was teased for months leading up to its release. In that time the game lost a lot of its initial fervor online, but it has still been the subject of a few high-profile events. For example, US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex hosted a voter rally for the 2020 Presidential Election with popular streamers, and Internet celebrities like CorpseHusband streamed Among Us with Jimmy Fallon and Stranger Things actors this month.

More updates are in the works to keep the game in the public consciousness, and Among Us‘ official Twitter account teased plans for the next “big update” today. On top of bug fixes and general improvements to be expected of any update in an ongoing title, the three main goals will be adding 15-player lobbies, new player color choices, and an improved art style.

Features like an art style revamp and larger lobbies were teased by Among Us on Twitter last month after the Airship map came out. No concrete release window was provided in today’s tweet, but the social media account thanks fans for their patience and says “we’re finally catching up.” An included image shows 15 player icons present in one game, suggesting the idea is into its testing phases.

Allowing more people to play together is likely the most substantial thing players will latch onto, especially in the wake of the Airship map. The Airship is Among Us‘ largest locale to date, offering players the choice of three areas to spawn into after each deliberation period. Streamers like Imane “Pokimane” Anys have criticized the Among Us map for being too big, so having more crewmates at a time should help alleviate this concern.

Given the game’s focus on group shenanigans, having more friends able to join it at once should also benefit play sessions across the board. While these features are in the works, Among Us has been releasing smaller updates focused on fixing login issues and other bugs, so it’s likely this will not be the last fans hear from Innersloth before its next “big update” comes around.

Among Us is available now on Mobile, PC, and Switch. Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions will release in 2021.

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