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A few months ago, nobody has ever heard of “Auto-Chess” or what this “Auto-thing” was until a Dota 2 fan-made mode Dota Auto Chess found success in the genre – which in turn gave life to Auto Chess and Dota Underlords. This was later on followed by Riot Games’ League of Legends mode Teamfight Tactics.

So what is it exactly? Auto Chess or Autobattlers are tactical strategy games similar to card games and well .. Chess. A free-for-all, one-vs-one matches that is determined at random.

Auto Chess

Right now, this game is currently available on iOS and Android under the name – Auto Chess: Origins, a perfect name for the first ever Auto Chess mod. In other news, Auto Chess is likely to come to Epic Games store later in the year, allowing its players to transfer their accounts from their mobile to the PC when they wish to. The game itself has a complex synergy and item strategy that enables players to plan out their next move just like in a game of Chess. It’s totally random, and a whole bunch on combinable characters and items with added Chinese voice that may or may not appeal to some.

Dota Underlords

This is Auto Chess, set in the DOTA universe, where your favorite and well known heroes are the characters which you play; each having their own strengths and synergies. However what really sets this Autobattler different other than it being set in the DOTA world, is that its less Randomly Numbers Generated (RNG) based allowing for a less “frustrating” experience.

DOTA Underlords is currently available and free on iOS, Android and PC.

Teamfight Tactics

Keeping up with the competition, Riot Games’ League of Legends released their very own Teamfight Tactics. Compared to the other two Autobattlers, Riot Games’ adaption is significantly simpler. With a smaller draft pool, it makes it easier to combine multiple champions into their stronger forms but since it is in its beta form, players will get hit with some frustrating, game-losing bugs.

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is currently available in the League of Legend game.

All in all, the randomness of these games are crazy frustrating from crazy planning to split-second decision making and outwitting everyone in the battlefield. As the game goes, planning ahead can go many ways, forming countless of strategies can always be a fun way to learn new skills as a player.

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–Edzel P. / xturtLe3

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