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So Arena Of Valor does not have the biggest name when it comes to esports internationally compared to titles like Dota 2, League Of Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, etc. But AOV is very well known within the Asian continent especially the SEA region.

Arena Of Valor is a MOBA game that was made in response to Riot Games declining Tencent’s offer to re create League Of Legends on a mobile platform.

The AOV world cup is being held in Da Nang, Vietnam and is going to have a total prize pool of $500,000 and will be featuring 12 teams from 9 different regions!

6 teams of 12 have been confirmed already from 3 different regions including Vietnam, Chinese Taipei & Taiwan. However, The remaining regions including the following countries: Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia & Philipines (Some of these countries are combined as a region.) still have to lock in their teams in the near future. North America, Latin America & Europe will be their own regions as usual.

The game has been gaining its popularity in the past few months as ESL has been keeping the title alive by hosting numerous OLT’s and we are ready to see what these 12 teams have in store for us in Vietnam!

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Devangshu “Gridz” Rath

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