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Activision addresses bots, hackers and cheats in the new mobile released Call of Duty game. They have addressed these concerns in a Reddit post.

Activision has said Call of Duty: Mobile has bots to give new players “a place to grow, learn, and thrive without the constant threat of a full team of higher level & more experienced players continually dominating them.” Bots are not present in ranked games, however. As a player levels up in the other modes, they will face fewer bots.

In the last week, a lot of people have been complaining about the surge of hackers in the game on social media. In the Reddit post, Activision has ensured the community that they are doing all they can to ban these players.

Activision has also asked the players to continue reporting the hackers as well as tagging or messaging the developer on all social media platforms with the following info:

  • Screenshots/video
  • Usernames and user ID (if available)
  • Date and time of the reported match

They have also promised to appropriately investigate all reports and enforce bans on any players who are found to be cheating.

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