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Esports Festival finale to be streamed by 20 million people worldwide

For the first time in the Middle East, ‘GirlGamer Esports Festival’ will be hosted at Meydan One in Dubai, starting from December 12 to 14. The event will host nine teams, comprising of five players each totaling 45 participants from around the world.

“We wanted to create a safe environment for women to showcase their competitiveness. Even though other finals don’t discriminate they have close to no female participation. We believe this event is a step towards greater inclusivity.” – Fernando Pereira, Grow Up Esports President

The event games to be played are League of Legends and CounterStrike Go.

Prize money is yet to be confirmed but officials say the event holds prize pools of more than $100,000 (Dhs365, 000).

Check this video out about the upcoming event:

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Image: Supplied / Facebook


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