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First Blood – Vicimus & Team EZ takes 2-0 Run with their first match

With “Bee” dominating his lanes together with his supports, Vicimus took a 2-0 Run against Team Besty and won their first series with 3 points. Watch out for this team as they also revealed the new Vicimus mid lane “Dooby” the LeBron of Abu Dhabi who played under three different teams in three GHME Tournaments. Easy game for EZ as they also took a swift 2-0 Run on their first series. PushBack called an early GGWP at the 2nd game.

After winning the 1st match, Skwammy lost their momentum despite of a great performance of their ES Lord “TPG” lost the second 2nd game closing it 1-1 versus Team Boltz. While Team Demo took a disadvantage starting game with 1-0 stat for being late, but came back hard and took the second game finishing their series tied 1-1 with VorpalGaming

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