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All of us have probably not played but heard of the titles Fortnite, Apex Legends & PuBG. The common grounds of all of the 3 titles is the fact that they are all under the genre of “Battle Royale“. This genre has taken over every single genre in the recent years and has forced certain game publishers/developers to adapt to the change and bring in the “Battle Royale” game mode to titles such as: CS: GO, Call of Duty & now even Super Mario Bros.! (well the one that is made by InfernoPlus)

Super Mario Bros. is playable as “Mario Royale” and is only available on the browser based battle royale version of the first ever Super Mario Bros. game that now allows 100 players to join into the same world and race till the very end.

The game has a few tweaks made to it here and there to make it a lot more interesting. The game does not let players interact with each other, however you can damage the opponents with the in game shells & break the blocks to push the other players down. All the power ups are available to all the players but are shared so that pretty much means the first one to the mushroom is the chosen one!

Only the top 3 players from the game get to enter the castle and compete from there!

Please do note that this mode is not made by the original publishers/developers of the game neither is affiliated to or by Nintendo in any way.

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Devangshu “Gridz” Rath

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