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Both of these names in the title are major players in the gaming/esports market. Psyonix are the developers and publishers for one of the most well known titles out there: Rocket League. It is one of the most sold games on the steam platform and needless to say making it one of the most popular titles in today’s world.

Psyonix did announce a few days ago on their website saying: “Joining the Epic Games family” and did state that they will be joining them in the month of May, 2019.

Rocket League fans being unsure on this announcement and not knowing how to react to the news have bombed the game titles review tab on steam giving it a rating of 1 star and letting everyone on their opinion on this buy out matter! The good news was that Steam’s anti review bombing feature works and has blocked most to all of these reviews on the platform.

Psyonix does have its plan for listing Rocket League on to the Epic Games store but there has been no official talks on weather it would stay on the Steam market or not.. However, Psyonix has confirmed that their move with Epic Games will not have any affect over the game title and furthermore will feature a better support for esports.

Epic Games has been trying to challenge steam very aggressively lately and it has been a very vanilla response from the gaming community. However, that has not been something that has slowed them down instead the company seems to be fearless while aggressively growing in the market!

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