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The PS5 is all that people are having a chat about and it is about time that we at GHME address our thoughts on it! The PS5 is one of the most anticipated consoles but after knowing that the company is not only planning on releasing a better version of the PS4 in terms with hardware and storage but is going on a completely different path altogether and hopes to get the crowd on board as well.

Playstation has stated that: “Two keywords for the future direction of PlayStation are ‘immersive’ and ‘seamless’.”
PS5 will be rolling out cloud gaming as their main service and this is suppose to create a “seemless” remote play experience for users.
Now talking about “Immersive”, Playstation has stated “Created by dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds, achieved through the employment of further improved computational power and a customised ultra-fast, broadband SSD” and has also given the world a lot of hints about how the graphics of games are going to be on another level leaving the current generation games incomparable to its successor.

The main thing to take away from this whole write up is that Playstation is trying to create a pathway for its users to be able to play any game at anyplace and at anytime with network technology currently booming and the introduction of the 5G era has defiantly helped them achieve this goal.

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Devangshu “Gridz” Rath

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