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So 2018 was a great year for Gamers Hub Middle East as we held multiple online as well as LAN tournaments throughout the Middle East region!

It all kicked off with Battle of Cafes Dota 2 UAE sponsored by Dell Gaming (Alienware) in the month of February after a long prep period. The event was a huge success having 48 teams competing for a prize pool of $10000.

“Team Millennium” took it home and no one was even close to beating them at the event.

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We then went on & decided to do a follow up event by doing another Battle of Cafes Dota 2 event but this time including the whole of Middle East in the month of June and increasing the team limit to 64! This event held a $10000 prize pool and was also sponsored by Dell Gaming (Alienware).

Some of the top teams included: “Team Fate”, “RnG”, “7 Gaming”, “Millennium”.

Some of the the big names in Dota 2 also competed such as: Miracles, Attacker, GH & Mage.

Despite of all the jet lag and the fairly long travel period, “Team Fate” from Jordan came down to the event and did not even give a chance to any of the teams competing to even come close to their level of play. 

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After 2 Months of Dota 2 gameplays ending, we started off our very own Battle of Cafes CS: GO UAE tournament sponsored by Omen By HP on August that featured 48 teams and a $10000 prize pool as well!

 The Battle of Cafes CS: GO UAE tournament featured some really strong teams in the region including a few that are fairly new to the CS: GO as well as the the esports scene, But that did not stop them from competing against the biggest established teams as the underdogs of the tournament.

Some of the known teams that competed included: “Nasr Esports”, “ShotCallers”, “E Frag Fist” & “Peaky Arabs”.

Regardless of “Nasr Esports” winning the tournament, “Shot Callers” & “E Frag Fist” had to play each other in 3 different series to get their placings as top 2 and top 3. It was a fight that none of them backed out from and was very entertaining to watch.

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So right after crowning our CS: GO champs, we took a minute to breathe and get back in the action with not 1… not 2 but 3 different gaming shows running simultaneously at 3 different stands at GamesCon ME 2018 at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi!

Our first gaming activation included the “Fortnite Trio Challenge” sponsored by Dell Gaming (Alienware). The “trio challenge” included 3 unique challenges for participants of all ages to come and compete! 

The 1st challenge was called the “Fortnite Solo Champ” and the winner was chosen by the highest amount of kills alongside the placement of the participant in game using the official Fortnite Skrimish point system. The winner was a part of “Nasr Esports” and had gotten 14 kills alongside finishing first in the game and took home 10000 V Bucks with AED 5000 cash!

The 2nd challenge was called the “Build A fort Challenge” which was made for players who love playing Fortnite not only to compete and win but to actually build in game using their creativity! We had 3 winners for this winner based by crowd cheers and our panel of judges at the venue!

Our 3rd challenge was the most successful in terms of participation numbers and crowd pull! This challenge was called the “The Ultimate floss meister” challenge and as the name suggests, the participants have to come up on stage and have to do the “Floss” move for 30 seconds. The participants were judged on crowd cheer, Panel of judges, accuracy of the move and how fast they could pull off the move! This activity not only got everyone super excited but also excited quite a bit of cosplays to show up on the stand and take pictures or teach other participants on how to do the move. Overall great fun and reaction from the crowd!

Other than these challenges, the stall also featured a small area for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities with big personalities like “Khalid Al Ameri”, CEO & Founder of Bravado Gaming – “Andreas Hadjipaschali” alongside one of the best and well known CS: GO Female player from Bravado Gaming – “Jana” or mostly known as “SaltyMonkeh” from her GamerTag. 

This CSR activity featured a few topics including: Knowledge towards esports, safety towards online transactions, safety against hackers and strangers that you meet in online games, etc.

Also to end this on a good note, we gave away a lot of Alienware & Fortnite merch too! 🙂

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Our 2nd activation at GamesCon ME 2018 was with AOC Gaming and this stand featured multiple games under 1 roof! The challenge was called “The AOC Fight Challenge”. This challenge featured multiple fighting genre game titles and a lot of AOC monitors were given out as prizes to the winners of the challenge!

The game titles include: 

  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Street Fighter 5
  • Tekken 7
  • Injustice 2
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z

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Our last activation was in partner with Sennheiser and this featured Rocket League as a fun gaming activity for players to experience the new set of gaming headsets from Sennheiser. Winners from this competitions were given out Sennheiser gaming headsets!

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So other than all of these big LAN events, we were very occupied with other online & smaller LAN tournaments held at gaming cafes within the U.A.E alongside the launch of GHME TV!

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Watch the video below as we show you the very little 2% of what we did in the 365 days of 2018!

– Dev Rath (TEAM GHME)

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