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In-game advertisements have always been a thing since a few years in the gaming industry already but “interactive ads” are something that have been recently rising and has been gaining its popularity very quickly within the gaming world.

There is a very big debate on whether this method of advertising is going to have a positive impact or rather turn out to be a very negative impact. In my opinion, it could be received as a positive change within the gaming community if the following methods are adopted:

  • Considering the game title chosen by the advertising company would be associated to eSports at a certain level, the publishers/developers of the title should definitely have an option for the players to pay an extra $”x” which would allow the players to play the game “ad-free”. If the players do so, that whole or partial amount paid goes in as “crowd fund” towards the prize pool of an esports event that would be hosted in the future.
  • If the players choose not to pay the $”x” amount to play “ad-free”, then the brands that have paid “x” amount to the game publisher/developer to advertise their products should pay a small cut of let’s say 20% that goes towards the prize pool regardless of the play “ad-free” option.

By doing the above, The game developers/publishers give back to the community at a certain level which allows the players of the game to trust the title and grow the game in terms with esports.

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Devangshu “Gridz” Rath

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