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Fortnite Season 10 ( or officially known as Season X) has finally arrived and it’s bringing what might look like some of the biggest changes to Fortnite that we have gotten so far. So follow as we let you guys in to what Fortnite Season X has to offer.

Fortnite Battle Pass Missions

Image Credit ( Epic Games )

This is one of the biggest changes that came with Season X. Instead of the usual Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges, its now all about Fortnite Battle Pass Missions. They are still released on a weekly basis, and still function like the old style of Battle Pass Challenges. They are a series of thematic objectives that will award you with not only the standard XP and Battle Stars, but also exclusive items, such as the Fortnite Tier Season X skin.

Cosmetics, Skins, Emotes, Pets and more!

Image Credit ( Epic Games )

Fortnite Season X does not only bring in new missions to the frontier, but it adds even more exclusive cosmetic rewards to the table, for those able to climb up the Battle Pass Missions. Cosmetics include 5 new emotes, 5 new contrails, some of the best gliders ever, plus tons of new skins such as the tattooed Rust Lord, the return of DJ Yonder, Teknique and the Tier 100’s skin, Ultima Knight.

Fortnite Season X is now live and you can now play and get your rewards now!

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