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So Blizzard has released quite a bit of information on how the esports scene is going to look like for this year for World Of Warcraft and it looks very interesting to say the least!

This is how its going to work:

Regions: NA, EU, China, APAC, LATAM

NA & EU: are combined for this year and will be featuring two regional finals respectively twice before the world championships! There will be a total of 24 cup matches played in NA & EU that is split equally for both the regions as the “Spring Finals” & the “Summer Finals”. In the end, only the top 5 teams from both regions combined qualify for the world championships.

China: this region is only going to feature 1 team that is going to be the best placing team throughout they year in the world championships. There will be 4 regional events that are TBD for now.

APAC: this region is very interesting as there will be 4 cups for ANZ, 2 cups for Taiwan & 4 cups for Korea. However, there are no regional finals in this region and that is not quite common to see! APAC is going to follow the same team advancement procedure as China and will only feature the best performing team throughout the year in the world championships.

LATAM: This region has it different from all the others! LATAM will feature 4 open qualifiers followed by a round robin series that will lead to a seasonal finals. This region will also advance only 1 team to the world championships!

So to end it all, the WOW world championships will feature a total of: 8 invitational teams!

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— Devangshu “Gridz” Rath

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