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The Battle Begins

Battle begins with a dominating performance as expected from Discrete as they crashed MathaStyle’s moral by the taunts of “Gok Banzai” dancing all over the map added by “Neveets” flawless gameplays. A 2-0 Run.

The new positioning of AnB is effective as the new support duo “Jethro” & “Buto” connection taking over the map while “Mugiwara” destroying every member of Vicious5 with his Timbersaw GodLike performance.

MingMing & Team 322 tied their series 1-1, both team showed full respect with each other by carefully executing their team figths. GGWP for both teams.

As Play5 with “Majo” slowly coming back to competitive dota, maybe having a hard time even though they gave a really good figth tonight, they lost two in raw, while Team Rip having a good night sleep bringing a 2-0 win to bed.

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