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Call of Duty game developer Treyarch revealed their first official multiplayer footage of the next Call of Duty game, Black Ops: Cold War.

Black Ops: Cold War will be the first Call of Duty game on both Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5, continuing and building on the massive popularity of Warzone rather than coming out with their own battle royale like they did previously with Blackout. Progress will track from Cold War to Warzone, and Warzone progress from this year will continue to be available. Crossplay will also be not only cross-platform, but cross-generational.

Most relevant for competitive Call of Duty is the return of Control, to which nearly every pro on Twitter and Call of Duty League fans erupted in relief at no more Domination – a sticking point in Modern Warfare when it was chosen as a competitive game mode. The next spawns will also appear on Hardpoint maps, allowing teams to better plan and rotate.

Five maps were revealed in Armada, Satellite, Miami, Moscow, and Crossroads confirming some of the earlier Cold War leaks.

Cold War will feature at least one new game mode, revealed today as VIP Escort. In VIP Escort, teams must defend a VIP or prevent them from reaching the extraction point. This has limited spawns and will likely play slower than other multiplayer modes.

Changes to Create-a-Class are coming with the addition of shotguns, pistols, and rocket launchers in the secondary slot. Wildcard is returning and will allow players to break a few established rules including six perks instead of three and more attachments. Gunsmith is returning, breaking down gun attachments into their base components so players can customize a variety of weapons for loadouts using added statistics available in game.

Scorestreaks are also changing. They’ll remain even beyond death, with special bonuses for chain scores while alive.

Pros and popular streamers like Timothy “TimtheTatman” John Betar, FaZe Clan’s Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolchef, Ian “Crimsix” Porter, and the Chicago Huntsmen’s Seth “Scump” Abner among many others streamed live gameplay on new maps like Armada and Satellite.

One of the greatest concerns in Modern Warfare was the lack of communication between developer Infinity Ward and competitive players. Regardless of how people feel about what was revealed, communication between pro players and Cold War developer Treyarch seems good, with multiple pro players coming out on streams and praising Treyarch’s dedication to talking with pros throughout the development process.

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