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So Brawl Stars has been one of the biggest new show ups in the world of mobile gaming! Topping the charts in the App Store in several countries, It has been one of the most trending game titles released by SuperCell.

SuperCell has always come out with amazing titles in the past and with very creative ways to turn these mobile titles from a casual game title to an esports recognised title. They have done this in the past with Clash Of Clans & Clash Royale.

This time with Brawl Stars, SuperCell has introduced something out of the ordinary called “Brawl With the stars“!

So how does this work & what happens in it?

  • It is basically a new series on Youtube from SuperCell & the very well known Chief Pat as the host of the show.
  • The first episode featured Caleb McLaughlin & Finn Wolfhard! (Stars for the show Stranger Things)
  • The goal of the show is to grab global attention to the game title by not only bringing in gamers but by also bringing in new users from different background such as binge TV show watchers & celeb followers, etc. Bringing in big TV celebs helps SuperCell to get the exposure everywhere!

Download Brawl Stars here:

App Store
Play store

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Devangshu “Gridz” Rath

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