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So as the world was getting used to the top 3 machine choices for gaming which are basically PC, Sony’s PS4 & Microsoft’s Xbox. Slightly Mad Studios releases an image that can never be unseen!

That’s right it’s a brand new console in its very early stages that is not only suppose to be the most powerful console to ever come out but is also suppose to be as powerful as a top notch PC gaming machine 2 years from now! To be honest with all of you, that kind of confidence usually is a good sign and the console goes by the name of “Mad Box” which gives me a smug face every time I hear it!

This console that is shaped as a tower would allegedly feature 4K vision and will also carry 90 frames per second per eye visual for VR play alongside supporting nearly all VR headsets currently available in the market including their very own VR headset.

Mad Box by Slhightly Mad Studios

However, The CEO of Slightly Mad Studios (Ian Bell) shared these pictures on his twitter and also mentioned that the components are still in the early talks stage and the image shown may or may not be the final design, per se.

Ian Bell – CEO of Slightly Mad Studios (Standing on the right of the image)

So as we come towards the end of what we know about this upcoming monster, here’s something that is not so pleasing to know… It will be coming out in about 3 years time which is a very very long time from now but Hey! at least Mr. Bell gave us a piece of mind by saying that this console would be nearly placed as the same prices as the other consoles!

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Ian Bell
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— Devangshu “Gridz” Rath

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