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I want to start this off by saying, My days Playstation! It’s about time!
So Playstation has finally decided to let their players change their PSN!
The feature of being able to change your username is not the most innovative thing the world has seen but having said that, it is probably the most awaited core feature that has been requested by PS users.

A lot of platforms and game titles already have these features available to their users for years now including he biggest rival for Playstation, Microsoft’s Xbox. Xbox Live has this feature available to their users for free for the first change, However any other changes to the gamertag would be based on a $10.00 charge. Not surprising to know that Playstation would also be using the strategy as Xbox Live starting today! However, if you do have PS+ there is a small discount that you are eligible to redeem.

Users can change their PSN by logging in to their PS4 and heading over to account management and editing their PSN from there or also access their PSN from the web browser and heading over to PSN profile and clicking edit on their PSN.

There has been a little internet chat war over this feature roll out. Is it needed?

There is a very divided option on this as there a bunch of people who say that: “I am proud of the PSN that I chose to have when I was 12 years old which is called: xX-AlbA-AlAbAmA-Xx” and then there’s another bunch of people who aren’t exactly convinced with that statement.

I guess the only thing that needs to be addressed by playstation at this time now is the feature to be able to change your region in your account! People move around the world, you know ps? Users like me who travel a lot do not want to have 6 different accounts for 6 different countries!

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Devangshu “Gridz” Rath

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