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Apex Legends

Respawn has announced that a special edition Devstream for Apex Legends will be held Thursday, January 23 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. The livestream promises to provide the first official look at Season 4. The broadcast will be live on the official Apex Legends YouTube channel.

During the stream, Respawn will also be holding an early celebration for the one year anniversary of the reveal and launch of Apex Legends. The anniversary is officially February 4, which we believe might be the start date of Season 4. The current season of Apex Legends, Season 3: Meltdown, is scheduled to end February 3.

Apex Legends is currently in the midst of its latest limited-time event, Grand Soirée Arcade. The event is a 14-day in-game celebration for Apex Legends, hosting a rotating collection of seven limited-time modes throughout its runtime. Grand Soirée Arcade adds several new in-game challenges and weapon and character skins (both rare and legendary). The event concludes on January 28.

A new update for Apex Legends was launched alongside Grand Soirée Arcade, which addressed numerous bugs. The update also added a pretty substantial nerf to Wraith, as well as much-needed buffs for Gibraltar and Crypto. Gibraltar now also has a brand-new animation for when he’s reviving teammates while in his Dome Shield.

The most surprising change in the update is the removal of extended energy mags, a change that Respawn clarified it hadn’t intended to push live so soon as it actually addresses something that’s being added to Apex Legends in Season 4. Though this cryptic tease does offer some credence to the rumors that another Titanfall 2 weapon will soon be added to Apex Legends, Respawn has not yet clarified what exact change is happening in Season 4 to warrant the removal of extended energy mags.

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