Riot Games entering the prosthetic business?

Posted by admin January 10, 2019 in EsportsGaming newsGeneralGHME TVLeague Of LegendsMiddle East EsportsSocial Media

Well well well, Our friends at Riot Games have decided to go ahead and enter a new industry!

3D Printing a piece of a prosthetic

So everyone knows how prosthetic limbs have changed the world for millions of people out of which mostly are soldiers fighting out there for us! Riot has decided to come up with some fancy looking prosthetics for everyone especially for our small heroes!

Riot Games prosthetics are not your basic medical prosthetics… They are prosthetics that are League Of Legends themed and will be up in the catalogues across the United States in 2019, thanks to Limbitless Solutions!

Prosthetic Limbs being printed

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— Devangshu “Gridz” Rath