Team Discrete, missing a player?

POSTED BY admin May 8, 2018 in Dota 2
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Looking for a good Position 5 support

All support player heads up, are you looking for a good team to join with? here’s your chance to join one of the best team in UAE. On our social media “Facebook” Team Discrete the 3rd Placer of our B.O.C. Tournament posted that they are indeed looking for a new member to participate with the upcoming GHME TOURNAMENT. 5th position as a support, as per team captain Rowell Chistoper a.k.a “Fluppy Cheeks” The former support of Discrete Gaming cannot join the Dota2 Middle East Tournament due to some reasons. they had to let him go and now trying to find a support position to play as the most important role for Team Discrete.

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